Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tribute to My Dad

When my dad joined the army and went off to war,
He knew exactly what he was fighting for;
To stand and protect those he was leaving behind,
And so every American could have peace of mind.
He fought so this country would remain free
And it would be a safer place for you and me.
He was fighting so we would have the right to vote,
And freedom for a newspaper to print a quote.
So you and I can choose where we live,
For this, his life he was willing to give.
A United States Army uniform with pride he wore.
An oath to his country with honor he swore.
Today, when a soldier in uniform I see,
I remember the things my dad taught me.
As long as the Stars and Stripes are in sight,
There will be brave men and women to continue the fight.
As I say the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag flying high
I think of our men and women who were willing to die.
Because of them we can say “God Bless America” without fear.
For this, my heart fills with pride and to my eye brings a tear.
Let us all stand proud and tall with our hand across our heart
And remember how this great country got its start.
I say “thank you” to my dad for fighting for his country,
And returning safely to teach these things to my sister and me.

Carol Darlene Owens  

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