Friday, April 22, 2011

We Are Not Different

If I walk down the road and I look different from you,
Do you shun me?
If I smile at you and you do not know me,
Do you turn away?
If I speak to you and I am a stranger,
Do you respond?
If my skin is pale and yours is dark,
Are we so different?
If I call my God, God, and you call yours, Allah,
Does that make Him a different God?
If I speak English and you speak another language,
Does that make the words different?
If I show my face and you choose to cover yours,
Does that make me wrong?
If the Lord sees us,
Does He not see us as equals?
If the Lord truly loves us,
Does He love us differently?
If God created the world,
Did He not create us all the same?
If I go to Heaven because I believe, and you do too,
I will see you there.
If the Lord shines upon me for my Love of Him,
He will surely shine upon you too.

Carol Darlene Owens

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