Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What Kind of Friend Are You?

Who have you been there for in your life?
Have you helped anyone deal with strife?
Have you been there when they needed to call?
Have you been there for a friend at all?

When someone needs you are you there
Or do you really even give a care?
When someone needs you to listen, do you hear
And show them there’s no need to fear?

Are you the one who will behind their back
Talk about them without knowing the fact?
Are you quick to make judgment on what they do
And don’t give them a chance to explain to you?

Perhaps you should see if these things
A familiar sound to you brings.
Is this how you treat the people you say
Are important to you in every way?

Perhaps someday you will need someone too
And they will be too busy for you.
Perhaps it is time to step back and see
Just what kind of friend you can really be.

Carol Darlene Owens © 2011

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